Fastach Football Weight at ICAST 2011

Lurbrella Rig

The Lurbrella Rig is available in two sizes and three colors. The four-arm design means that it is legal to use in most areas, and all arms use Fastach clips for easily adding or removing lures.

Lurbrella Rig

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Zero Twist Shot

Zero Twist ShotThe Zero Twist Shot redefines the concept of drop shot fishing. It is absolutely guaranteed to put an end to the challenges and frustration of line twist.

As the hook is free to rotate and move about the shaft, the bait is afforded a more natural presentation in the water. Its small profile ensures minimum visibility in the water and will not spook the fish.

Fastach Weights

Fastach WeightsThe new Fastach Football and Worm Weights make adding or changing a hook to your rig quick and easy. With a simple twist, matching the hook to the bait style is a breeze. The articulated hook imparts more action to the bait, resulting in a greater number of strikes and many more fish on your line.