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Fastach Football Weights

Stringease Tackle Mfg. Co. Ltd.

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Fastach Football Weights

The new Fastach Football Weight makes adding or changing a hook to your rig quick and easy. With a simple twist, matching the hook to the bait style is a breeze. The articulated hook imparts more action to the bait, resulting in a greater number of strikes and many more fish on your line.

The Fastach Football Weight is available with a a durable black finish in: 1/4oz(7g), 3/8oz(11g), 1/2oz(14g) and 3/4oz(21g) configurations.

Item No Size Quantity
820 1/4oz (7g) 3
821 3/8oz (11g) 3
822 1/2oz (14g) 2
823 3/4oz (21g) 2
824 1oz (28g) 2

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