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Proswap Clevis

Stringease Tackle Mfg. Co. Ltd.

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Proswap Clevis

With the new Proswap Clevis, changing blades has never been so quick or so easy.

One or two stainless steel wire clevises are secured to a main brass body. The brass body itself has a hole that runs through its length that accepts the wire shaft of the lure. The brass body rotates on the wire shaft while the clevises rotate on the brass body. The stainless steel wire of the Proswap Clevis is very sturdy and will not wear out like other brass clevises.

Adding or changing a blade is accomplished by simple popping one end of the clevis off of the main brass body. After changing the blade, simply pop the clevis and its new blade back onto the brass body.

The Proswap Clevis allows the blades of the lure to start rotating freely even without jerking and the dual-rotational feature produces the smoothest blade motion possible. The blades move through the water with such ease that you'll feel like you can keep fishing all day.

The Proswap Clevis is currently available in two sizes with either one or two clevises.

The size 6 clevis has a hole diameter of 0.055"(1.45mm) and the size 8 has a hole diameter of 0.065"(1.65mm). These extra-large configurations are optimized and specialized for use with pike and musky lures.

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