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Zero Twist Shot

Stringease Tackle Mfg. Co. Ltd.

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Zero Twist Shot

The Zero Twist Shot redefines the concept of drop shot fishing. It is absolutely guaranteed to put an end to the challenges and frustration of line twist.

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By having the hook attached to a wire shaft, the hook is free to rotate. The wire shaft itself is attached to a strong but very small stainless-steel crane swivel that allows for a maximum of flex in the middle. The Zero Twist Shot is extremely strong and constructed entirely from steel, replacing the soft brass that was traditionally used.

The revolutionary design of the Zero Twist Shot has one attachment point for the primary line and another for a secondary line that attaches the drop shot weight. This secondary line can be of a smaller diameter than the main line - allowing it to break away in the event of a snag and preventing a total loss of the rig.

As the hook is free to rotate and move about the shaft, the bait is afforded a more natural presentation in the water. Its small profile ensures minimum visibility in the water and will not spook the fish.

The Zero Twist Show flexes in the middle - it will not and can not interfere with the hook set. This has the added bonus of preventing the fish from swallowing the mechanism too deeply.

It is the simplest system to use when drop shot fishing and works exceptionally well. When vertical- or drift-fishing, the hook will always attain the correct alignment with zero twisting of the line.

Now this is what drop shot fishing should be!

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